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Summary07564: Provide enhanced incentive for completing the survey

We are providing an opportunity on a client website for their visitors to complete a survey which in turn will qualify them to receive a product discount once the product is released.
Providing a reminder of the benefit from completing the survey would lead to better click through rates on the token email and thus provide for better market research for our client.
This would also provide for more real estate to clearly explain to the registrant what their next steps are.

Additional Information

A possible solution: Customizable text during survey setup/edit or registration completion template

  1. Similar to how we can currently specify the Welcome message for a survey, it would be great to be able to specify the Registration Completion message, and for that matter also the actual registration capture screen. At least the latter has a template that can be customized so there is a workaround.

  2. Alternatively, register.php could invoke a custom template for the registration completion possibly with replaceable text tokens.

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