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Summary07562: user can add custom subquestion in array type

Sometimes i need to create questions for rating purposes so i add the main options that i want to be rated but i want to give the user a chance to rate an option that is not in the main list.
My english is not my main language so i uploaded a screenshot to show you what im saying.

So in the last subquestion i manually added an inputbox to let the user write on it but i dont know how to save that answer in statistics.

I got a problem with this design, as this question is mandatory the user is forced to add a custom subquestion to rate. i solve that problem creating two questions, one with main rating list and the other one with the custom option no mandatory in the same group like this.

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A possible solution: comment?
i dont know if you could arrange something like the list with comment question type code to add this feature, im not a programmer but looks similar to me.

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