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07559Feature requestsAuthenticationpublic2012-02-28 17:19
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Summary07559: Make user passwords easier

System-generated passwords are difficult to remember. The first time a user logs in (after receiving the email), they should be prompted for their own password, maybe with a confirmation.

Additionally, the administrator who adds the user should have the option of setting the password at the same time. 99% of users don't care about security, they just want to get in easily. Yes, the admin can change the user password now, but it requires several clicks to do so, and it happens AFTER the login email is sent to the user.

Additional Information

A possible solution: Add the password field to Create User
The easiest solution is to add a password field when creating a user, and if it's blank then use a system password.

Not sure how complicated it is to add a Change Password option to My Account, but that would be another spot to change it.

I thought an older version of LS had this, but the newest version makes it really hard to change passwords. Recently I did a training where people got their passwords via there cell phones, and logging into the system was slow because they couldn't cut and paste.

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