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07548Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2012-02-05 13:06
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Summary07548: allow token fieldname instead of attribute_1, autoimport

When I import a CSV file into the tokens table, using attribute_1, attribute_2, etc., is awkward, I'd much rather use company_name, website, etc., whatever my fields are.

Then conditions and defaults could use those same names, e.g. TOKEN:COMPANY_NAME

An auto-import function would be nice, something that could take a file like


and import it into the tokens table, automatically adding any new fields that weren't there.

Additional Information

A possible solution: add fieldname in tokens definition
When tokens are defined, instead of merely asking "how many", it would need to change to a list format that asked the field names (and types, but that's a different issue!)

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