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Summary07543: Number sections and questions within sections

When I'm reviewing survey with other people, they want to refer to a question number. In the same way that an administrator can optionally show the question code in a survey, I'd like to have the option to show section numbers and to order the question in section.question format.

For example, if Section 2 is Attitudes about School, I'd like the questions to be numbers 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc. The subquestions could even be 2.1a, 2.1b, etc. That way, if I add another question, it doesn't throw off the rest of the survey.

This is a pretty common way to do longer surveys.

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A possible solution: add option for numbering format
Change the printable survey and the on-line displayed survey to include the numbering scheme above. It should be able to support BOTH question codes and question numbering, e.g. [2.4:years_in_therapy]

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