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Summary07540: Allow mandatory ranking option to use min/max values

Currently, if the ranking option is marked mandatory, then the maximum number of entries specified must be chosen; the minimum specified is ignored. According to the response for Bug Tracker ID 05599, the "mandatory" indicator should be marked No if a range is desired.
The standard text for the option indicates that at least x items must be chosen. So if the minimum is at least 1, then the question is, by default, mandatory. But, the question is not marked with an asterisk like all other mandatory questions.

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A possible solution: Reference the minimum value
Either add the asterisk if the minimum is greater than zero, or allow the minimum value to be used when "mandatory" is Yes.

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2012-02-04 14:10

developer   ~24397


Maybe just:
.mandatory class automatic adding if there are min_value setting :).

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