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Summary07535: No high-quality templates available

The templates available for LimeSurvey are, compared to today's average webpage, rather unattractive. They lack attractive graphic elements like borders, fine colours, and colour gradients.

Also, the templates on the limesurvey website mostly miss screenshots. The descriptions include deadlinks in many cases.

The default template and other available templates are crucial for the attractiveness of limesurvey as a whole.

Additional Information

A possible solution: A set of attractive templates should be supplied with LS
Measures should be taken to encourage users to make visually attractive and well-working templates and to publish them on the limesurvey website.

Those with an interest in promoting LS should develop a bigger set of high-quality templates.

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2011-12-13 11:04


How about arranging one or more competition on the LimeSurvey website or forum. For example, a competition to create a christmas survey template.

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