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07526Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2011-11-17 11:36
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Summary07526: Abilty to set time limits to fill in a survey
DescriptionSometimes we want to use limesurvey as a quiz/exam tool.
Participants should only have a specific time to fill this quiz (e.g. 15 Minutes).
Additional InformationA possible solution: Time Limit for every Question type/whole survey
Currently we can only set up time limits for Text Questions at the advanced settings. It would be great to have a time limit option for every Question Type (e.g. Radio lists, Multiple Choice).

Also, it may be useful to have an option to create a Time Limit for the whole survey. There are a lot of quiz szenarios, in which it is not important to limit the time for specific questions, but instead have a time limit to fill in the whole survey.
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