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07525Feature requestsAuthenticationpublic2011-11-16 19:20
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Summary07525: Different groups of users for the same survey

I try to explain my problem, already exposed in the section 'Can I do this with Limesurvey?' (Topic 'Users with registration and users with token assigned').

I have two groups of users for the same survey: one group have to registrate before partecipating the survey.
So I need to set "Allow public registration" = Y
This case works well: registration, email sent to the user, and access to the survey (user ignore which is the token assigned to him).

Other users have a personal token to access the same survey, but the admin hasn't the name, surname and email of each user. The admin can only configure tokens for these users, and a specific organization will distribute the tokens to users who do the request. Also the organization have not the name, surname and email of the user.

So, the "Allow public registration" = Y doesn't fit to this second case. In fact the user who has the personal token can access the survey entering his token, and without registering or receiving an email.

Already implemented something for this situation?

Additional InformationA possible solution: More ways to access the same survey

"Allow public registration" = Y
mustn't exclude the standard access to the survey, for example if an user has already a token.

Thank you for your work on LS!...
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