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07522Feature requestsAuthenticationpublic2011-11-08 20:38
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Summary07522: Check if server meet requirements (in general and bounce tracking specific)

As per this and this

The bounce tracking feature is extremely neet, cool and "how did I live without this"... But a few of us have had problems getting it to work. Most likely because the php5-imap module is not part of a standard php install

Additional Information

A possible solution: Test for met requirements
Making a small test - either at runtime, or when the bounce tracking is activated, would most likely solve some future issues.

If I was told by LS that, "LS can find the php impa module needed for bounce tracking to work. Please install this module before proceeding", life would have been easier.
dataguru suggests a more general list all requirements function "It would be nice if LS had a button to list all relevant system parameters required by the bug tracker."

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