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Summary07515: Logging system, isn't it necessary?!

We use the limesurvey as a survey for our mystery shoppers, it works well, but we wonder why we receive complains from some of them from time to time that an interruption occurs while filling a survey, a problem that doesn't happen frequently, but it happens sometimes and leads to loss of time and effort!

I suggest that you add a logging system, so that we may be able to trace users steps on our surveys, this way, we may recognize the source of the problems! it's maybe a bug in a browser or an action that the user takes by fault, logging system would help us in finding these facts and by consequent recommend tools to users to avoid these problems rather than fixing them!

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A possible solution: Adding a normal logging system
it's very simple and native idea to add a logging system, user interactivity (visited pages, clicks, browser blocks, session time out, etc.. ) on the system have to be written in a log file.

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