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Summary07510: Tracking a survey via an RSS feed

I run quite a few surveys that are open for 7 days. It is important to issue reminders, and it is important to do this with the right timing, and it would be good to keep other people in our own organizations, and in the customer organization up to speed with the way the survey is going - most specifically with regards to the response rate.

For a company using Limesurvey to do market research type of inquiries this would be an easy way to get an edge vs some of the more expensive non-open source tools that exist.

I had the idea that this should be possible to do using an rss feed. The RSS feed should provide data for;

The name of the survey
When the invitations were sent out
Number of respondents that have been invited
Number of completed surveys

So for example;
Started [DATE, TIME]
Invited number of respondents [RESPONDENTS_INVITED]
Completed number of surveys [COMPLETED_SURVEYS] corresponding to a

Additional Information

A possible solution: Put an RSS feed for the token summary page
Most of the information is available on the TOKEN summary page, so the RSS could be generated from that point, or from the Responses Summary page.

I am not a good enough programmer to see quite how this should be done, but on the face of it it does not appear to be so difficult.

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