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Summary07495: iPad Limesurvey App

Make Limesurvey survey content available offline on the iPad or on the Android platform.
This will help boost usability of Limesurvey by people wishing to collect face to face data with customers, as an alternative to collecting hte data on-line, but hte database would be identical, and can be used to extend the reach of hte surveying method.

Additional Information

A possible solution: Develop iPad App
solution should be able to import survey structure exported by limesurve, and display the questions on the screen in a manner that enables them to be completed.
The app should then be able to export (sync), the collected data with the Limesurvey database of the specified on-line survey

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2012-09-05 13:22


Alternative solution: offline ipad app for limesurvey - Solution
I totally agree with you! We need this feature!
I would donate for this project and think many others do same.


2012-10-22 11:41


This is one of the best new ideas i have heard here.
It could be not easy do develop but would definitely make life easier for people who collect data.



2013-04-08 18:02

reporter   ~24917

I second this and we have discussed this already before in the old tool.

However, it is not easy to create I think and we would have to choose a platform. In this case I would always go for the Android plattform. Not because I find it superior or anything, but because you can get cheaper tablets/smartphones with the Android plattform.

I am not gonna send interviewers out into the wild with an Ipad here. It would be just too expensive to purchase/rent a certain number of Ipads. You can get fairly good android tablets that you get for a reasonable price and that are totally fine for something like data collection.



2013-04-09 12:35

reporter   ~24923

For android there is the ODK Collect available.

I use this myself and would love to see development towards using the same survey for web based or offline using a tool like odk collect. I now have two programs and need to merge the data afterwards. Also I need to design my suvey twice.



2013-04-12 22:12

reporter   ~24956

Hi Folks.
I already use limesurvey offline on Android platform, with a package called AndroPHP (apache, php and mysql for android), I'm testing it and work very fine, there's a similar pack for ios called iAMP but I didn't test it, yet.
For data import I'm developing pentaho jobs that will receive the data from mobile (we're developing the code that will send the data from mobile mysql for pentaho server) and merge with the main survey.
We're turning this a great solution for offline surveys.


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