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07488Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2013-06-08 11:22
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Summary07488: Collaboration on survey design is a pain
DescriptionCollaborating with colleagues or clients is a pain :-)

0. Agree on rudimentary survey content, via wiki, word, or meetings.
1. design the survey
2. activate the survey
3. send survey to collaborators.
4. Recieve emails about their input, spelling suggestions and so forth.
5. Remind people to give input
6. Implement all sorts of different input revied in different formats (email, wiki, notes, telefone)
7. repeat 1:6 till you explode.
Additional InformationA possible solution: collaboration survey mode.
I suggest a "collaboration mode" to test the survey.

When the first draft is done, I can choose to set the survey in collaboration mode. In collaboration mode I can send a link to my team members asking for inputs. The link leads to a survey with questions presented one-by-one, and minimum one additional text field, where collaborators can write their comments.

So basically a collaboration mode is simple the existing survey, presented question by question, and then on every page a long text field inserted.

Of course this would also need some very simple backend design, where I could easily see the comments made for each question.

(Ideally collaboration-mode can be active independantly of whether the "real survey" is active - this way I could collaborate on different levels with different team members - some should give inputs, others just need to see what we are doing. Also It's nice even for collaborators to be able to see a "real demo")

p.s. down the road this feature could be expanded upon indefinitely - allowing for true co-creation of surveys. E.g. with separate comments fields for "question wording" "answer options" and so forth. Each of these comments fields could have a "wiki" option, so that people actually worked on the some text all the time. this would be combined with some wiki/diff markup of changes of course. - BUT this IS huge - and the benifits would in most case be quite small compared to the more simple solution proposed above :-D
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2011-05-16 11:48

reporter   ~24370

I might be mistaken completely, but I think a feature like this would really set limesurvey apart from the rest of even the commercial solutions. Maybe we should start a "would you sponsor this" kick-starter like round (said the guy who just proposed the solution :-0).


2012-06-08 18:07

reporter   ~24371

I do this using a combination of the Excel import/export feature ( and the Show Logic File ( feature.

One team creates the core logic. I can then divvy up the validation among multiple reviews, who edit the Excel to just import the parts they are responsible for testing.

Another team deals with translations.

The Show Logic File is a convenient way for the project lead to validate the accuracy of the content.

Since the Excel format does not use SGQA codes at all, it is trivial to add/remove/re-order questions

And of course, you can either use track changes in the Excel, or a version control system like GitHub (with a .csv version of the Excel) to track and manage changes.


2012-09-17 12:04

reporter   ~24372

Okay TMSWhite, your trick might work, but in version 1.92+ it's rather complicated to achieve (need to merge code from GitHub etc).
Besides, concerning this idea, it would by highly interesting to have a possibility for anonymous users to test the survey before it actually goes live (actually only administrators seem to have that possibility, or am I mistaken about that?)
Finally, the links in your last response are not working (closing bracket included in the href).


2013-05-24 19:44

developer   ~25367

Need big dev: like you say : sponsoring


2013-06-03 19:54

updater   ~25457

A great step would be to have the possibility to share an URL and make this one possible to use without beeing logged in. The URL should ony be usable for inactive surveys and for testing purposes only. Possible or is this feature as describes as not possible unless a lot of work and sponsors?


2013-06-06 16:09

developer   ~25471

pmonstad : you have already a global security seetings for that. You mean a survey security settings or more control (a survey security settings with some input box to enter a global password to "preview" survey)


2013-06-08 11:22

updater   ~25476

DenisChenu: Oh, thanks! I have used LimeSurvey for years and have not noticed this feature! Will make my LimeSurvey life a lot easier. Thanks again :-)

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