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Summary07481: It's often inappropriate to show respondents the list of all surveys

I am creating a survey for a client who wants to run the survey on their own
subdomain. Naturally, they don't want to host it themselves, so they are
pointing their subdomain at my server. I can get sort of close to making this
work with the right combination of vhosts and rewrite rules in the webserver,
but several things still don't work right. For example, SURVEYURL in the
email notification templates still gets replaced with that of the main site. Ideally I would be able to customize the root URL for each survey. It would also be nice if user groups could be assigned a survey URL and they would appear to get their own limesurvey site under which the surveys they create will appear.

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A possible solution: expand the DB so each survey, user, and group has a URL
then, of course, adjust the rest of the code to support these options.

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2013-06-12 15:19

developer   ~25506

This can be done easily actually with application/config/config.php.

And it's a dev issue.

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