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Summary07479: Implement Range Question as Dual Slider
DescriptionSometimes I have a numeric range question that currently has to be implemented as 2 question (or rather, 2 subquestions).
Additional InformationA possible solution: Create a New Question Type, use jqueryui slider
While the data structure for making this a single question would likely be the same, the UI could look like a range slider:

So instead of creating the question "How much would you be willing to pay for this product?" as a multi-numeric input with two subquestions "Min" and "Max" and having those show up as two fields, the UI could be represented like this.
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2013-05-17 17:08

developer   ~25299

Think it's for Question Plugin system (2.1 or more) and not before because it's not used by a lot of user.

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