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Summary07468: Automatically Load Next Page/Question
DescriptionUsually when a survey is designed to be completed group by group, the survey taker has to click next button. In a recent survey at work, one of the feedbacks I got was that it would be time and effort saving to have the questions automatically presented once the current question was answered.

So, why not add the choice to survey designer to deactivate or hide "NEXT" button if they wish to use auto-navigate; also the option to hide "NEXT" button if any mandatory questions on page are not yet answered.

Thank you.
Additional InformationA possible solution: Automatically Load Next Page/Question
Use a script to call next group once the last question in current group has been answered. Deactivate next button for auto-load or when mandatory questions have not yet been answered. However still maintain option to navigate to previous page.

Thank you
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2015-02-12 01:39

reporter   ~31679

It would be excellent if this were possible, especially when interviewers are implementing face to face surveys on ipads.


2015-02-18 18:07

updater   ~31687

I second this one, a nice and most welcome feature!


2015-02-18 18:11

developer   ~31688

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I have a plugin ready for this. But actually used only if:
Only one question
This question is a single choice question (and user don't choose other).

Work for array with only one line too.

Plugin is in GPL but not public actually.

PS: i dislike to have it in CORE. Only in plugin ...

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