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07426Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2015-03-13 11:37
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Summary07426: More tailored invite emails
DescriptionCurrently the system can send out reminder emails, which is great. But the emails which people receive are identical regardless of whether they have already begun the survey (but not finished) or wether they have not begun the survey.

This is a problem because some people actually think that they have finished the surveye - or maybe forgot that the got interrupted. Some of theese people get annoyed when the recieve a confirmation mail.

Additional InformationA possible solution: Separete mail templates for "reminder" and "reminder-begun"
I think it would be a great service to e.g. send out a reminder email along the lines of (maybe only with token-based persistency):

"Dear NAME,

Our survey-system has registered that you on date begun to answer the questionaire - but you did not answer all the questions.

You can continue where you left of here: surveyurl

If you do not wish to continue, please press this link and we will not send you anymore reminder emails link.

This is an automatic email. You answers are anonymous, the system have only registred that you did not finish the querstions. Nobody - not even the systemadministrator, will ever know wether you finished the whole survey or not.

If you have any questions please contact surveyadmemail"
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2013-04-02 23:26

reporter   ~24900

It would be great to allow more customized survey invite email. For example, an external file can be uploaded with the information of who is displayed to be the sender for which survey invite recipients. The reason is that people are more likely to respond to a survey request if it is from someone they know.


2013-07-13 15:46

developer   ~25788

Maybe "just" add a :
{SURVEYBEGIN} in Expression.

{if(SURVEYBEGIN,"You start the survey","You don't start the survey")}


2015-03-13 11:37

developer   ~31817

Maybe we can do it with extra plugin actually, we have an event for this.

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