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07420Feature requestsStatisticspublic2010-07-06 22:08
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Summary07420: Group subquestion stats/charts are presented in fragmented way
DescriptionIt would be great if questions containing subquestions (e.g. array questions with multiple questions) could display in statistics and graphs together on a single chart.

Also, pie charts are a poor way to display data that is not categorical in nature. Ordinal (e.g. education level) or scale (e.g. age) variables are hard to make sense of in pie charts.

For example, I often ask respondents to agree or disagree with a number of related statements. It would be good to view the responses together and displayed in a way that conveys that the responses are on a continuum.
Additional InformationA possible solution: Display subquestion stats together, using stacked bar charts
An ideal format for doing this would be a stacked bar chart. Each bar could be a subquestion, and the answer options stacked in the order defined in the question design. (In my example, they would be Strongly Disagree / Disagree / Neutral / Agree / Strongly agree.)
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2012-05-16 11:21

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I would be willing to provide funding for this feature!

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