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Summary07402: Informed Consent and Authorization Functionality

Nowadays, all research with human subjects require informed consent and authorization. The use of a program such as LimeSurvey in academic, government, or business environments require a mechanism of informed consent. In the specific case of academic environments, Institutional Review Boards WILL NOT APPROVE any type of research with human subjects without a mechanisms to verify the informed consent. Restrictions such as this are already found (or likely to be found in the near future) in government, medical and some business settings. Usage of LimeSurvey in academic--or other-- settings will be hindered by the absence of this kind of functionality.

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A possible solution: Include informed consent acquiescence as a standard feature
Although a Workaround to address this issue exists for the Register page, and another (that I have added to the Forums) exists for the Welcome page, this kind of functionality should be available as a standard feature. Users should not be required to write javascript code or to play around in the template area to reach this kind of functionality. A user should have the option to select (if so required) where the consent verification should be made: in the Register page, or in the Welcome page when registration is not required. A mechanisms to upload/download a pdf of the consent and authorization statement should be provided also. Users should be able to download the consent to which they are acquiescent. Many Institutional Review Boards require that a copy of the consent be provided to the users if so requested.

Hope to see this functionality added in LS1 and LS2!

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2010-04-24 01:16

partner   ~24344

Can you put some links or a illustration of what the "informed consent" functionality should deliver. I see demand for "informed consent" in certain areas (mostly medical studies and expermiments). Is there an example of an business study with an upload of an informed consent document in a web survey? The response rate would be interesting.



2012-04-15 16:36

reporter   ~24345

In the US, informed consent is required for all scientific research conducted by a University receiving funding from a national agency such as NIH or NSF (and similar). Under these conditions, IC is not optional, and applies to all academic disciplines involving human (or animal) subjects, although different categories of exempt research may exist depending on the nature and characteristic of the research.

The suitability of a response rate is a funtion of population size and desired sample error. In my experience, people appreciate the value of informed consent, and my target response response rate has been reached in about 95% of my surveys.



2012-04-15 16:50

reporter   ~24346

Regarding Solution 2

Even with the new expression manager--unless I am missing something again--this solution is time consuming and arduous.

Some time ago I posted in the forums a simple solution that introduces a little piece of js code on the Welcome page (informed consent should be there) that is more efficient, since it is done only once on the corresponding template.



2012-11-30 15:14

updater   ~24347

Have a look at this blog post at for an easy workaround to this:
"Adding “I agree” button at the beginning of your Limesurvey survey":



2013-05-24 19:12

developer   ~25361

I allways use a "start group" with only one question for this.

And "Delete your answers" are here.

But thinking of some "Global settings for all survey" like CNIL number etc. Can be a good solution at LS core.

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