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Summary07392: Individual CSS for each survey

When you want to style question for an individual survey you have to manually include a css file or edit the overall template. It would be nice to have additional, surveyspecific CSS in a separate CSS file that can be edited from the survey screen instead of from the template editor.

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A possible solution: Include a surveyid.css
Have the template check if a <sid>.css exists and include it when it does. (could be generated for a new survey but left blank initially)

Add an edit survey css button to the survey toolbar where one can jump to a special template editor screen where you can edit this sid.css
Would be nice if there were links in the screen to point people to the appropriate item in the wiki for help.

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2010-03-19 01:31

developer   ~24333

Alternative solution: Name the body with the survey id
More simple :

body class survey#SID group#ID (if by group/question) question#ID (if by question)



2013-10-05 09:17

developer   ~26530

Idea for plugin :)



2013-10-25 17:07

partner   ~26991

I would strongly support both options: please add class support for including SID12345 in the body and (so please do both) add the possibility of also adding 12345.css to the theme, specifically for the SID 12345. This makes themer's lives a lot easier!



2013-10-25 17:23

developer   ~26992

Last edited: 2013-10-25 17:23

Hi tammo,

Think best is to have a upload/survey/template/ directory and adding survey.css and survey.js in template if exist.
And offer some way to create/edit this file .

PS: for body class, you can do since version 1.90 : survey{SID}



2013-10-25 17:27

partner   ~26993

Thanks for the tip, I had not yet seen the possibility for the survey{SID} as a body class, will certainly use this.

I never used the template editor, we always do a full redesign. Currently we are doing this via SASS.

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