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07391Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2010-02-28 23:59
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Summary07391: Email throttling like PhpList
DescriptionMany shared hosting providers have an hourly limit on how many emails you can send out.

To manage this limit, you have to babysit LimeSurvey and press the button in batches.

If you exceed the hourly limit, bunches of emails will not go out and often you will receive bounced email messages. It is a mess to determine who did get your invitation / reminder and who did not.
Additional InformationA possible solution: Email throttling similar to PHPList
PHPList is an open source newsletter package that I use to keep in touch with my subscribers.

It has an email queue that automatically works through batches of emails until it has sent all them all. The email queue can process automatically using cron jobs.

Since PhPList is open source and LimeSurvey is open source, maybe PHPList would share some lessons learned and allow sharing of some of theri current code?
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