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07387Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2013-05-24 19:00
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Summary07387: Tics for slider layout

Tics (aka tic marks) should be visible under the slider bar.

See this sketch:

benefits: easy read, make it clear it's a slider with discrete values, catch where the handle is in respect to left and right limits.

type = multiple numerical input
use slider layout = 1
slider min = 0
slider max = 10
slider accurancy = 1

Additional Information

A possible solution: add an option
show_tics = 0 (default). Just as it is.
show_tics = 1 : the slider shows tics under the bar, between the slider_min and the slider_max values.

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2010-07-20 23:58

updater   ~24331

Sounds like a good improvement.

How did you add the tics at the screenshot?



2013-03-17 14:53

administrator   ~24728

A possible solution:



2013-05-24 19:00

developer   ~25359

Again and again a new attribute.

For Plugin system , not in core.

In 2.05
All can be done without new attribute : add 2 files in our template:

  • numeric-slider.js
  • numeric-slider.css

And you can do "What you want".

Not needed ....

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