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07383Feature requestsStatisticspublic2010-01-15 16:28
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Summary07383: Create statistics for date questions
DescriptionUp to now (LS 1.87) there are no statistics for question type "date" available. It would be nice to create some charts (showing results in a table isn't necessary from my point of view) so the admin gets an overview which date was entered.
Additional InformationA possible solution: Show different ranges
Maybe we can show 3 different graphs illustrating the absolute number of users who have picked a certain day. Then we can break down the ansers into different charts showing
- last week = 7 bars
- last month = 28/30/31 bars
- last year = aggregating data into weeks = 52 bars or months = 12 bars

As far as I can judge pchart ( [^] up to now doesn't support any kind of aggregating datestamps so thi has to be coded to pass the matching data as an array to pchart.

One can also think about having a "last 100 years" overview if you want to cover data like birth date.
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