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07379Feature requestsConditionspublic2009-12-19 01:08
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Summary07379: Toggle "Mandatory" setting on questions
DescriptionI would like to see a tool that could toggle the "Mandatory" setting on all questions in the survey from "on" to "off" and vice versa.

This would make the Q/A process on long surveys much easier - one wouldn't need to answer every question just to check a fix on page 16 of a survey.
Additional InformationA possible solution: Add a button/input to survey settings that would toggle the mandatory states.
To toggle the questions to optional, the button would query the DB, find all questions in the current survey with mandatory=Y and change them to mandatory=M.

We need to use "M" so we can find them to toggle them back later.

The system would see "M" as non-mandatory so all of these questions could now be skipped in a Q/A process.

This way only the questions that the survey author had set to mandatory would be affected.

To toggle the questions back to mandatory, the button would query the DB, find all questions in the current survey with mandatory=M and change them to mandatory=Y.

I've put together a little php script to demonstrate the concept that you can grab at (can't seem to attach anything here!).
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2010-05-14 10:44

reporter   ~24324

debugging surveys (groupwise) with lot's of questions already marked as 'mandatory' can be very time-consuming.
I normally toggle the mandatory settings directly in the mysql-table, to bypas this problem.
This function is one of the 'most wanted', in my opinion!

A simple list, with all the questions and their mandatory-stting for quick editing would be usefull.


2011-11-20 14:46

partner   ~24325

There is a similar idea at


2012-06-08 17:31

reporter   ~24326

I use the Excel survey structure import/export feature (documented here for this. By keeping a master copy of the survey in Excel, you can easily blank some or all of the mandatory fields during testing. You can also easily re-order or remove blocks of groups or questions (e.g. to test mandatory features at the end of the survey without having to fill out all of the preceding questions).

The only down side is that each time you import the Excel file, you get a new survey ID. However, since the Excel does not use SGQA codes at all, you don't need to worry about changing any conditions or javascript.

This feature is available starting in version 1.92 (using a patch) and 2.0


2012-11-30 15:20

partner   ~24327

Now that we have all questions listed at the survey logic file another option might be to simply add a checkbox for each question there together with a "mark all" box on top and/or at the button and a simple "save" button.

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