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07375Feature requestsStatisticspublic2009-12-02 08:34
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Summary07375: usage of colours in pie-charts

it would be helpful for comparability of the statistical graphs by using consequently the same colour for first, second, third … answer even if there is no answer given on one choice. For example there are some questions of type 5 point choice array. On one question nobody gives the answer “1”. Now you look at your graphs of the statistic and in all pie-charts you see blue=”1”, red=”2”, green=”3”, yellow=”4” and olive=”5” only in the one, where no one selected the first choice “1” blue stands for “2”, red for “3” and so on. To compare the charts it would be better to skip the colour where the statistical answers are null.

Additional InformationA possible solution: use consequently same colours in pie-charts
Like I mentioned above it would be helpful to have always the same colours for the first, second ... answer in the pie-charts and to skip the colour where the statistical answers are null.
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2011-02-16 16:41

reporter   ~24321

Yes, at the moment in my activity the statistic tool is used al 10% without comparability of the statistical graphs: the confusion of colors makes the graphics is incomprehensible!

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