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Summary07366: Array hedings / labels impossible to set sensible for all users
DescriptionWith array-type questions with more then a few answers, there is a risk that the answers will 'overflow' the screen. That is: When the user scrolls down to see the answers, the array labels scrolls up - out of sight.

In config.php it is possbile to set global values for # $repeatheadings and
# $minrepeatheadings.

A global solution is not a very good idea with todays diverse screen resolutions. On a mininote, like asus eee og acer apire one, headings should repeat every 6 answers maybe.

On a 15.4 modern screen with hight resolution, headings should repeat every 30 answers maybe.

All depending on survey/group discription and template (e.g. limespired template uses a lot of space due to header image. Default template uses less space).

Additional InformationA possible solution: Set repeatheadings conditional on users display resolution / lock labels w/ css
Solution 1: Since user screen resolution can be read with javascript, I guess i should be possible to change the repeatheandings value accorindingly.

Another solution would be to make a css template where array headings are fixed and answers are put in a div with overflow. A bit like this table with recipe (by Stan Sight) here:
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