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Summary07343: fixing more answer order within random order answers
DescriptionHi, I will explain with an example...

In sociopolitical surveys, often we use this questions:
"Which party will you vote next sunday?"

Answers are the number of the parties and three possibility for not voting:
"I will not vote", "I will vote but I do not know which party yet", "I don't want to tell you".

I would like to display parties in random order and the "non vote" answer in fixer order.

Like this:

2 Party 2
3 Party 3
1 Party 1
10 Party 10
(in random order)
11 I will not vote
12 I will vote but I do not know which party yet
13 I don't want to tell you
(in fixed order)

Additional InformationA possible solution: question attributes
I do know how... but it will be nice if, when you are using the question attribute "random_order", you can specify the number of answer you want in random order.
In my example:
random_order =10
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2012-07-07 12:10


Alternative solution: Determine and store order before presentation
For each group (or, indeed, across groups or all survey items?) the order of question presentation is determined *before* the first question is presented.

For example, this could easily be done by creating and writing to a long string field within the lime_survey_[number] table which determines the order of presentation for each respondent. (Ideally, this should work for both randomized and nonrandom questions!!)

Then, for each group or question presented, the order can easily be determined by reading of the substrings of this field.

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