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06798Bug reports[All Projects] Survey designpublic2012-10-30 08:41
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Summary06798: qCode naming convention inconsistency
DescriptionIn the EM documentation, there is no mention of qCode being a local (to the current group) variable:

This brings about some inconsistency:
-You cannot reference a qCode by its name outside of its group (as far as I can see, using the naming convention outlined in EM documentation).
-Since a question code can be duplicated in a different group, this means qCodes are not unique across a survey. So if I have Q1 in Group1, and Q1 in Group2, how would EM know which Q1 I want to reference?

Either we must change the EM documentation to state that qCode can only be referenced inside its own Group, or we should change implementation of qCode naming to be something like: {groupName}.{qCode}
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2012-10-30 00:59

reporter   ~21751

Sorry - please close this. TMSWhite has clarified this functionality for me, and as long as only one variable is used throughout the project, everything should work as expected.

Thank you!

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