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06698Bug reports[All Projects] Accessibilitypublic2014-01-17 21:03
Assigned ToDenisChenu 
Product Version2.00+ 
Target Version2.05 RCFixed in Version2.05 RC 
Summary06698: All array question type have accessibility problem
DescriptionThere are 2 accessebilty problem:
1st: summary:
- summary take the question-text, the blind user have 2 times question-text.
- explanation on summary is not translatable, it's the opprortunity to give some information like : "Each line is sub question, select your enwer on the cell of the line. The label of the answer is in the table header."
- caption are better for accessibilty and is HTML5 ready. a <caption class="hide"> so the work</caption>
- With some Expression manager : summary can be completely broken (EM are not used in summary)

2nd td > label:
- An empty label don't mean nothing and are to be removed : there are no information more
- Give a good label for each radio/checkbox is ok.
- I test a survey with opera-mini/mobile-view-layout way and i have whole table without are without information. I just see checkbox without information. (Opera-mobile seems to put whole TD in block mode for table). The allways possible way i to put a <input type=radio><label class="hide accessibilty">Answer</label>. I have already done this in javascript, but directly in HTML is great.
Steps To ReproduceFor 1st:
Test with {if(true,"Some information","The user don't have to see this information")} for example. Or try with some table,div,image in question-text and use FANG

For 2nd:
- Use FANG or test with and set preferences to "single column view" and try to understand the question/answer.
Additional InformationIf it's OK to change this, i take the bug.

See picture with opera-mini emulator. (default template).

It's possible to have a goos accessibility survey with table, and a good "very little screen" with table survey with this option more.

(And again: HTML5 is better, if navigator don't know HTML5 then he gets in quirks mode: quirks is HTML4).
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)121014
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database & DB-Versionopera mini OR screen reader
Operating System (Server)not relevant
Webserver software & versionnot relevant
PHP Versionnot relevant
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related to 08554closedc_schmitz Hover over answers no longer showing value 



c_schmitz (administrator)

ok, please do.


c_schmitz (administrator)

Can you do the fix for 2.1? Otherwise you have to do it twice, for 2.0 and 2.1


DenisChenu (developer)

This commit : is the last merging for 2.1/master ?

I can wait.


DenisChenu (developer)


c_schmitz (administrator)

2.00+ build 121220 released.


DenisChenu (developer)

Fix committed to 2.05 branch:

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