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06426Bug reportsImport/Exportpublic2012-10-07 13:34
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Product Version1.92+ 
Summary06426: following Excel import - "Invalid group number for this survey:" error , cured by QA
DescriptionFollowing an excel import of a survey, I go to the survey, and then to the last group [I happened to be testing, there].

I execute a preview of the Group, and after some thinking, receive the error: "Invalid group number for this survey: 318"

If, instead, I first do a QA, or an edit, FIRST, the error does not appear.

If, following the error, I do a QA or an edit, the error disappears, thereafter, with a subsequent preview of that group.

I suspect that a variant of this error is known already to Tom W etal...though I thought this but report might narrow down it ultimate correction path.

Additional InformationI am using Tom Whites 192 w/ the excel import code - his master of 7-26, coded 0720

I notice that, at line +- 1944, [sorry, it's not exact, as I've made some changes, already, to the code] there is a commented out insertdata of the "qid",

// $insertdata['qid'] = $sqid; // this was causing key duplications - removing it seems to have fixed that

which is where my instinct says the error comes from. I assume that executing QA or other code resets an index or something, curing the bug/error, which appears to be otherwise non-fatal.

I also noticed this quirk, not related, discovered on trying to track down the error source: that there are two full sweeps of the excel file, on import, first to search for S/SLs, and then to search for the balance of class codes -- A quick start to that import coding, I suspect..

I am working on an amendment that modifies that, and creates an import/export schema. The coding for it would allow for backwards compatibility, and forward looking to additional improvements: I plan to add a "XX" class as the first line that would have a second column 'blank', if original schema, or a number for the following on schema. This will allow for additional improvements without crashing earlier saves. I'll share it here, as another bug/improvement, when done, so I can ask someone to review and pull if it meets guidelines.

Unrelated: Can someone clue me in on which files have the code/codeChain is that pulls in the fieldmapping when a subquestion is rendered on survey execution? Thanks !
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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)120721
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BrowserFireFox 14
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related to 06502 closedmfaber Development  Unable to import exported multi lang survey 




2012-08-05 04:32

reporter   ~20192


If you do make changes, please also fix the Yii branch, and submit pull requests to the Yii branch. The Excel import/export feature is not going to be added to the 1.92 branch.


2012-08-05 05:16

reporter   ~20193

Will do, Tom -- I had already recalled your letting me know about your side improvement, and I was assuming that the excel import/export coding, at 200 and 192 are aligned. I'm smiling, too, since I hoped the bug report might rattle some thoughts on why the indexing error occurs...




Any hints on the field map trail, Tom? Learning the code is slow, as commenting is...restrained.... I'm still using spare time to leap frog through the directories, hunting down and orienting myself to the code path.


2012-08-18 13:37

reporter   ~20510

Is this still a problem in 2.0?


2012-10-02 15:00

administrator   ~20982

Feedback please?


2012-10-07 13:34

administrator   ~21106

Closed due to missing feedback.

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