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06299Bug reports[All Projects] Accessibilitypublic2012-11-16 22:02
Reporteruser20690Assigned Tomdekker 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.00RC4 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.00+ 
Summary06299: LimeSurvey 2 is much slower than 1.19
DescriptionLimeSurvey 2 is much slower than 1.19. It take about 1.33s to load admin/admin.php for 1.92 while for 2 it takes about 5.17s. For the detail, please see the attachment.
Steps To ReproduceJust visit admin/admin.php
TagsNo tags attached.
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)120622
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedYes
Database & DB-Versionmysql Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.95, for redhat-linux-gnu (i686) using readline 5.1
Operating System (Server)Centos 5.7 32bit
Webserver software & versionServer version: Apache/2.2.3
PHP VersionPHP 5.3.14



2012-07-03 14:41 (285,896 bytes)


2012-07-03 15:56

developer   ~19597

This is the third or fourth such report I noticed so we should have a look at this.
I have attached a report of my local version which loads 750KB of data in about 6 seconds for the root page /Limesurvey/index.php/admin/survey/index


2012-07-03 15:56


ls2_loading_times.PNG (105,987 bytes)


2012-07-03 18:57

reporter   ~19601


If you want to insert some timing code yourself, you can use the code in LimeSurveyExpressionManager as a model. See the FinishProcessingPage() function, which processes LEM->runtimeTimings[] that have been collected.

I found this more helpful than using a PHP profiler, since this let me focus on coarse-grained tasks rather than the fine-grained details that are shown by a profiler.



2012-07-04 09:43


Hi Tom,

I'm glad to show runtimeTImings to help you. But how can I enable the output?


2012-07-04 10:20

developer   ~19612

It's the admin page no ?

Not the public page, then not EM specific.

Here there are a lot of CSS for display participant, and clearly "js table" are longer the first time.



2012-07-04 14:54

reporter   ~19614


I meant that someone could follow the example used by LEM-runtimeTimings to calculate timings of other parts of LS to identify the source of the slowdown. EM is effectively identical between 1.92 and 2.0, so I agree that it is unlikely to be the cause.


2012-07-06 10:00

administrator   ~19634

The screenshot are pretty much meaningless. They are taken with two different tools on two different browsers.

Menno: Would you be interested to have a look at this in general? In general I doubt that 2.0 is 4 times slower as indicated.


2012-07-06 11:32


Tom: Sorry, I'm not familiar with this and don't have time to follow the example.

c_schmitz: what do you mean by "two different browsers". They are the same! I don't know how much slower 2.0 is than 1.92 exactly. But it's much slower indeed.


2012-07-06 12:00

developer   ~19646


With the same page, second call (for cache)
http://limesurvey-yii/index.php/admin/user/index : 2.37s (onload: 2.68s),
http://limesurvey/admin/admin.php?action=editusers : 2.5s (onload: 2.95s)

The PHP file waiting:
Yii: 510ms waiting
192 : 210 ms waiting

With Yii : i use blobbluish admin template (Same as 192)


2012-07-09 11:38

developer   ~19682

Last edited: 2012-07-09 11:39

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Not able to reproduce slow loading a fresh Xampp for windows installation and on my server. If it really is slow, it must be some kind of server configuration.

I do get 2 404 errors on the downloaded RC4:
GET http://localhost/yii/limesurvey/scripts/jquery/css/jquery.multiselect.css 404 (CHttpException) index:14
GET http://localhost/yii/limesurvey/scripts/jquery/css/jquery.multiselect.filter.css 404 (CHttpException) index:15

Maybe that causes a slow redirect and the delay. Maybe bug owner can verify that these two files are the problem by moving them from /styles-public to /scripts/jquery/css


2012-07-09 11:56



I've moved them from /styles-public to /scripts/jquery/css. But the problem is the same.


2012-07-09 13:39

developer   ~19684

Does your server have a public url and if so, could you provide links and login to the admin part? Mark your response as private so only developers can see your response. As none of the devs seems to be able to reproduce, this is the only way we can get some clue on what is wrong.


2012-07-27 14:03

administrator   ~20029

The URL does not seem to work?


2012-08-14 13:59

developer   ~20424 helps a little, but too difficult to see use. To rule out ipv6, could you try on a different location using ipv4?


2012-08-31 13:23

reporter   ~20606

The survey attached to bug #06534 is a good example. When I test the survey, it loads in 3-4 seconds for LimeSurvey 1.92+, and 22-25 seconds for 2.0RC9.

I highly recommend tracking down the performance issues before saying that 2.0 is stable, since more than about 5 seconds for load time is, in my mind, unacceptable.


2012-09-02 16:44

developer   ~20619

Last edited: 2012-09-02 16:45

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The survey from uses randomization and executes an insane amount of db queries, when randomization is reset it works at normal speed again. (still showing a lot of duplicate queries though)

for mysql this statement i used to reset the random attributes:
update `lsyii__question_attributes` set value = '' WHERE `attribute` LIKE '%rand%' ORDER BY `lsyii__question_attributes`.`value` ASC

Don't really have the time to dive into it but who wants to take this bug should look into randomization.



2012-09-06 15:26

developer   ~20635

20-25 second is really quite long...

We should either extend the loading time so it takes long enough to get a coffee (and display an according message) or try to fix it.

Carsten will probably be very bored when coming back from holiday so I'll assign this one to him :-)


2012-11-08 04:56


limesurvey_survey_917871.lss (226,326 bytes)


2012-11-08 04:58


limesurvey_survey_114635.lss (281,945 bytes)


2012-11-08 05:03


phpinfo.pdf (374,107 bytes)


2012-11-08 05:33

developer   ~22004

I'm experiencing the same problem. I just uploaded a couple of surveys that have been extremely slow (sometimes timing out while as few as 10 people are taking it). Also comes up when viewing responses (page will sometimes take up to a minute to load). This is now on a VPS with 4GB memory.

Two other notes: (1) running MySQL queries is very snappy. (2) I'm almost certain this has to do with memory (CPU load has never exceeded .14), as I've seen the server use up to 300MB just pulling up results (a single user). I'm no expert, but this certainly seems excessive. Or am I missing something?


2012-11-13 12:25

developer   ~22110

Fix committed to master branch:


2012-11-16 12:32

developer   ~22265

@seanrife: Some improvements have been done to make surveys with randomization faster. Also a bottleneck with checking for updates has been fixed. Could you please test latest release (121116) and report if it helped to get faster response times so we can close this issue?


2012-11-16 19:47

developer   ~22291

Thanks mdekker... I just upgraded, and things seem to be working well. I definitely notice a significant difference. I also (about a week ago) switched to php 5.2.17 and enabled XCache, which seems to have helped too.

All in all, I think we're good to go here. Thanks for all your hard work!

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LimeSurvey: master a5efb1ea

2012-11-13 10:50:54


Details Diff
Fixed 06299: Slow on randomization groups
dev: first bottleneck eliminated
dev: also added a little cache to survey like on 2.1 to help save some db calls
mod - application/helpers/frontend_helper.php Diff File
mod - application/models/Survey.php Diff File

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