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Summary05888: Using quota to terminate a survey closes multiple use token

This may be expected behavior now, but it wasn't always so figure I'd open a bug ticket. I also posted about the problem here:

Basically if we have a token with a million uses remaining, using quota to terminate a user from the survey when they give a response we don't want closes the whole token. This wasn't always the case, not until 'Uses Left' was added as a field to tokens. Previously a token was manually open or closed, it would not shut automatically.

Steps To Reproduce

1) Add a token with a million uses to a survey

2) Survey Properties -> Quotas -> Add new quota
Quota action: 'Terminate Survey'
Add answer: choose whatever question and select answer

Then go into your tokens, do the survey and choose the question you selected which terminates that user's survey. Try to use the token link again and it will be closed, locking out all other surveyors.

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2012-03-12 17:51

reporter   ~17895

Last edited: 2012-03-12 21:32

This problem is perhaps more complex than a simple bugfix?

From looking at the code it appears that 'Uses Left' is decremented by 1, but then is programmed to close the survey immediately after that?



2012-04-03 12:14

updater   ~18181

Carsten, can you have a look?



2012-08-14 23:16

administrator   ~20426

Make quota actions more distinctive.



2013-03-20 14:53

developer   ~24809

New quota settings ?

Plugin ? no ?



2013-09-09 07:45

reporter   ~26181

Are you still working on this issue?

We have the same problem, because we want users to be able to change their input. How much would a workaround or solution cost if we give you an order?



2014-03-04 11:03

developer   ~29087


Think the best is 'don't use quota' here.

But :
Use EM to filter question (can use .relevanceStatus to update quicly a lot of question)
Use EM in final page to show text according to pseudo-quota.

Quota are made (actually) to close survey.



2014-09-14 10:30

developer   ~30624

See :

I'm sure it can be done on a plugin now, ligth plugin



2014-09-18 16:08

developer   ~30681

@c_schmitz : i can take it and do a little plugin in plugin directory of LS installation (can be activated) with:

  • Plugin global setting : Quota close completely token (use left more than 1 or survey setting Allow update response) : checked by default (no change for actual solution)
  • Survey setting : same thing : get Global setting by default.

The user can :

  • Choose if they need this for one, some or all survey.




2021-10-28 09:31

administrator   ~66976

Is this still a problem in LS3 and LS5? Otherwise, I will close the report

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