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05593Bug reports[All Projects] Data Entry (non public)public2012-04-26 08:32
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Product Version2.00a1 
Target Version2.00a2Fixed in Version2.00RC1 
Summary05593: Blacklist Control Bug
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2011-11-24 12:11

developer   ~16702

Please add a description of the bug and some instructions how we can reproduce the problem step by step.


2011-11-24 12:16


First head yourself to:

and login. There is no blacklisted users. When there are is no blacklisted user, if you go to:

there is only header and footer. It looks buggy. Personally, I would add dummy row or something to let administrator know everything is ok.


2011-11-24 12:40

developer   ~16704

I agree, there should at least be a short "No blacklisted users exist." message.


2012-01-23 17:08

administrator   ~16924

ajs, can you please check if this issue still exists in Yii and if appropiate fix it. Thank you.


2012-01-24 16:45


Ok... I'm not exactly sure what is supposed to happen on this screen, but as it stands now there's a 500 error at the blacklist page.


2012-01-24 17:13

developer   ~16943

I hope this helps:


2012-01-24 21:49

administrator   ~16965

ajs, yes, the goal is to fix that one ;). Let me know if you need more info. Also have a look at how it works in 1.91/1.92.


2012-01-25 07:27


As far as I can tell, this feature does not exist in 1.91+ or the 1.92RCs. Am I mistaken?


2012-01-25 07:46


Ok. I confirmed with aniessh that this code was only written for CI. Also, based on my discussion with aniessh, the features from were not ever actually implemented meaning this will take slightly more time.


2012-01-25 13:19

administrator   ~16970

Sure, np. Thank you for taking care of this!


2012-03-25 01:06


I added the blacklist menu. None of the settings do anything at this point... but it saves/recalls everything from global settings.

How/where do I blacklist users (or where am I supposed to be able to blacklist users)? Is this in the db schema already, or does it need added?


2012-03-26 18:26

administrator   ~18088

In the participants table there is a field 'blacklisted' (Y/N)
In general it should be possible to blacklist one ore more users from the CPDB grid.


2012-03-26 20:03


Ok. For some reason I thought blacklists were per survey. Would you take a look at the options and let me know if those still accurately represent what we are trying to do. If blacklisting is global... that seems to change things.

Either way, can you also let me know what you want for each default?


2012-03-26 20:25

administrator   ~18096

I think in general a survey invitation email could have some kind of blacklist link.
I am not sure how this originally this was intended by Jason/Aniesh. Mabye Jason can give us some insight?


2012-03-27 00:30

reporter   ~18097

ajs & carsten, I have aniessh's updates for some of the missing CI elements, which I'm trying to implement but GIT keeps stuffing me around. I've changed the files 3 times now, and then GIT refuses to commit them. Sigh.

ajs if you're working on CPDB now, can you please let me know which areas, because I'm also cleaning up the code and trying to get it to work the way it was intended after GSoC last year. I'm using it as an opportunity to learn about YII as well, so I don't want the goalposts to keep moving.


2012-03-27 00:50


I'm not really working on it other than resolving the bugs assigned to me. That being said, I can probably try to help you if you need help.


2012-03-27 15:50

reporter   ~18100

The original idea was that the blacklist control will be both per survey and global, the global blacklist was to be stored under the cpdb database, and the local one to be stored under the token table.

If a user is blacklisted locally , he shouldn't be sent invitation/reminder email but can be copied from cpdb to other surveys, if he chooses to be blacklisted globally, he will not be allowed to be copied to any other survey.

The email that is sent out as invitation will have 3 links

1) blacklist locally
2) un-blacklist locally
3) blacklist globally

that's all I know was intended to be implemented.


2012-04-26 08:32

reporter   ~18481

I'm pretty sure that this bug should be closed. The blacklist control page wasn't supposed to show lists of those blacklisted, just options in relation to blacklisting - which it appears to do. So I'm closing this for now. Let me know if I've misunderstood.

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