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05439Bug reports[All Projects] Survey takingpublic2011-09-07 09:16
ReporterronvdburgAssigned Toc_schmitz 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.91+ 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.91+ 
Summary05439: {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_1} is not replaced everywhere
DescriptionI used {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_1} in the question text.
This works properly when taking a survey.
This works properly when printing (printanswers.php).

However, the token attribute replacement is NOT done in exporting the answers to pdf (PDF Export).
Steps To ReproduceMake sure you have a survey with at least 1 (user defined) attribute.
Change a question text containing {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_1}.
Make the survey active & closed.
Create a token entry and add a proper text to the Token's attribute 1.
Take the survey and see:
= The question text properly replaces {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_1} with the proper text.
Now finish the survey and press submit.
Do print the survey and verify:
= The (html version) of the printable survey replaces properly.
= The PDF version shows {TOKEN:ATTRIBUTE_1} in stead of replacing it.
Additional InformationCould you please have repaired this today, my customer wants to send out the survey tomorrow.

If not possible, can you give me a hint to fix it myself (and uploading the patch)?

I see there exists a tokenReplace function in replacements.php.
TagsNo tags attached.
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)10746
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database & DB-Versionmysql 14.12
Operating System (Server)Centos 2.2.3 (Linux version 2.6.18-194.3.1.el5)
Webserver software & versionApache/2.2.3 (CentOS)
PHP Version5.1.6




2011-09-01 18:51

administrator   ~16188

Hi ronvdburg

are you a donator?


2011-09-01 19:29

reporter   ~16191

No, not with money, but I donate all the patches that I need (and are paid) by my customer.


2011-09-01 21:22

administrator   ~16192

ok, will have a look


2011-09-02 13:57


printanswers.php.svn-diff.txt (1,453 bytes)
Index: printanswers.php
--- printanswers.php	(revision 10920)
+++ printanswers.php	(working copy)
@@ -224,7 +224,7 @@
-            $pdf->intopdf(FlattenText($fname[0].$fname[1],true).": ".$fname[2]);
+            $pdf->intopdf(FlattenText(tokenReplace($fname[0].$fname[1]),true).": ".$fname[2]);
Index: admin/printablesurvey.php
--- admin/printablesurvey.php	(revision 10920)
+++ admin/printablesurvey.php	(working copy)
@@ -779,7 +779,7 @@
             $question = array(
 					 'QUESTION_NUMBER' => $total_questions	// content of the question code field
             ,'QUESTION_CODE' => $deqrow['title']
-            ,'QUESTION_TEXT' => preg_replace('/(?:<br ?\/?>|<\/(?:p|h[1-6])>)$/is' , '' , $deqrow['question'])	// content of the question field
+            ,'QUESTION_TEXT' => preg_replace('/(?:<br ?\/?>|<\/(?:p|h[1-6])>)$/is' , '' , tokenReplace($deqrow['question']))	// content of the question field
             ,'QUESTION_SCENARIO' => $explanation	// if there are conditions on a question, list the conditions.
             ,'QUESTION_MANDATORY' => ''		// translated 'mandatory' identifier
             ,'QUESTION_ID' => $deqrow['qid']    // id to be added to wrapping question div


2011-09-02 14:01

reporter   ~16208

Hi Carsten,

I found the issue and repaired it for my survey.
The patch is uploaded. Indeed it was so easy that I am ashamed that it took me so long.

The patch only does a tokenReplace in the question text; if you would like to also replace token fields elsewhere (e.g. the Group text), please let me know and I will send a new patch / svn-diff.




2011-09-02 17:27

administrator   ~16215

Thank you. No further patch is needed for that because the replacement functions will be completel rewritten in the next version.


2011-09-07 09:16

administrator   ~16242

New version released

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