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05033Bug reports[All Projects] LimeSurvey Websitepublic2011-04-11 18:50
ReporterDenisChenuAssigned Toc_schmitz 
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Summary05033: Unable to access to forum user page in french langage
DescriptionIn english user page are OK, but in french, we have a white page.
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2011-03-29 15:17

administrator   ~14596

I checked on this quickly but I could not find a reason yet though I can reproduce it. Will get back to this later.


2011-03-29 17:27

developer   ~14601


i think it's the same for all langage, but it's OK in de or es.

Maybe it's a quote problem in translation.

Profil de l'utilisateur ( = Profile Page )

And you have time :)

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