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05011Bug reports[All Projects] Otherpublic2011-04-11 11:32
ReporterboleroAssigned Totpartner 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.91RC4 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.91RC6 
Summary05011: "clear all" buttons breaks frames and iframes
I want to run a survey in an iframe and found one showstopper: the option to "leave and clear all" does a to "_top". I'm not sure why that is done, but it spoils the experience if run within an iframe. I changed that to go to "_self" instead and that seems to work quite fine, including the actions you can do afterwards (except for closing the window, of course).
Steps To Reproducesee above. call a survey in an iframe and then leave it with the "clear all" option. It goes to _top which means that the survey takes over all of the visible application. The same is probably going to happen if one calls the survey in a normal frame.
Additional InformationSo far I haven't seen any ill effects of my change, it works as expected.
The change is in common_functions.php, line 3026:
$clearall .= "', '_self')}\" />";

I just notice I made another change to cater for frames:
//$linkreplace="<a href='{$thissurvey['surveyls_url']}'>{$thissurvey['surveyls_urldescription']}</a>";
// fix for running in an iframe ks 6. 3.2011
$linkreplace="<a target='_top' href='{$thissurvey['surveyls_url']}'>{$thissurvey['surveyls_urldescription']}</a>";
This change assures that at the end when you click the EndURL it doesn't open in the frame but to _top, so this is exactly the opposite. It assures that you don't open your application within your application. Theoretically, this change shouldn't do any harm to non-framed environments, so it should be harmless to add this as well.
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2011-03-09 13:52

developer   ~14355

I agree with both suggestions - fixed in revision 9878.

Thanks for the report bolero.

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