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19631Bug reportsCentral participant databasepublic2024-07-10 16:38
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Product Version6.5.x 
Summary19631: Very hard to match attributes in the CPDB when importing CSV data

When a user wants to upload a CSV to the CPDB the attributes in the CSV file have to be matched with attributes in the CPDB.
Unfortunately, there is a bug: the attribute in the first line seems to be locked horizontally when doing drag and drop. However, if you move the mouse to a lower position you can move the item.
Please see attached screencast. I could also replicate the issue.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)6.5.14+240624
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2024-06-26 13:47

administrator   ~80466



2024-07-09 15:19

manager   ~80569

The problem started when those items that need to be moved were given the class card.
I found that it had to do with the animation of the panels on the main screen of Lime (not expected to be related).

The animation JS script affected ALL the ".cards" that are floating around. I limited it to the welcome ones and that got it solved.

Now… as I said in the code comment, that animation doesn't work.
So maybe we should add a new ticket for it.

In previous versions, the .panels were hidden by css (.welcome .panel in adminbasics.css) and were shown with the JS. When they were moved to .card (for BS 5), the CSS wasn't updated.
It's not clear to me if the CSS needs to be fixed or the animation should be discarded.

There are other rules related to those panels in the CSS, which I suppose shouldn't be applied and can be deleted. But it's also not clear how the CSS is setup at the moment (they're in 'build' but I don't see a source). Maybe they come from the admin theme build?

To follow up on another ticket.



2024-07-09 16:50

developer   ~80586

Just delete animation … animation not needed here.



2024-07-09 18:18

developer   ~80595

@Gabriel : you report the issue about JS to be removed (i choose my word : not fix, remove ;))



2024-07-10 15:45

manager   ~80600




2024-07-10 16:32

administrator   ~80602

This issue has been fixed.



2024-07-10 16:33

viewer   ~80603

Fix committed to master branch:

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LimeSurvey: master 9dc2b8e4

2024-07-10 16:32:56

Gabriel Jenik

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Fixed issue 19631: Very hard to match attributes in the CPDB when importing CSV data (03908)

Co-authored-by: lapiudevgit <>
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