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19569Bug reportsComfortUpdatepublic2024-05-27 11:54
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Product Version6.5.x 
Summary19569: CRITICAL ERROR: Last Comfort update removes templates and updates Ver to 5.6

Just run the comfort update that came out today.

On completion it reports that all our templates are now not valid. The version number of the LS install has changed to 5.6.65+240521

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After the update the version should be 6.5.* and all templates should work.
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Bug heat12
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)6.5.2+240402
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database type & versionMaria 10
Server OS (if known)Ubuntu
Webserver software & version (if known)Nginx
PHP Version8.2

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2024-05-21 17:30

reporter   ~80133

I have the same error

2024-05-21 17:50

reporter   ~80134

from a previous backup restore:
a) limetemplate configuration;
b) lime_templates
and with that it is operational.
we are reviewing



2024-05-21 18:09

reporter   ~80135

Just edited the Version to PHP to reflect 6.5.* but this did not resolve the issue. I have restored last nights files backup. The system recognises there is a comfort update available, but i still cannot access any templates although they state there is no issues. If you try and edit a template it throws an error

2024-05-21 18:16

reporter   ~80136

Try to restore
a) limetemplate configuration;
b) lime_templates



2024-05-21 18:22

administrator   ~80137

Just to be able to understand the issue and try to reproduce it:
You made Comfort Update from 5.6 to 6.5?

2024-05-21 18:25

reporter   ~80138

When the application was updated (assisted), the data was deleted from the indicated tables [a) limetemplate configuration; b) lime_templates]. To remain operational, the backup of files and the contents of the indicated tables were restored.



2024-05-21 18:28

reporter   ~80139

Hi Tibor - No I made the update from 6.5.8 to the latest.

I tried to pull the backup created during the update, Files were present, but no tables (This is another issue in the Comfort Update). I need to go back to the full server backup from last night and extract the DB from there.



2024-05-21 23:25

reporter   ~80140

Thanks to rodarape - we have managed to get the system operational again. I can confirm that the two tables mentioned were emptied during the update. Restored these tables and rolled back the code and back up and running.

Now officially running 6.5.8+240517

Would strongly suggest that 6.5.9 (240521) is pulled until fixed.

2024-05-25 15:17

reporter   ~80159

Good morning, is there any news regarding this incident?

Or the problem remains that when updating data is deleted from the tables:
a) limetemplate configuration;
b) lime_templates



2024-05-27 11:54

administrator   ~80160

There is an internal ticket to remedy this issue.

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