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19419Bug reportsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2024-02-14 14:25
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Product Version6.4.x 
Summary19419: batch editing in the participants table - "invitation sent","reminder sent" & "completed" fields are filled out unintentionally

When I try to batch edit a selected number of participants inside the participants table, e.g. I want to edit a specific attribute of these tokens, the fields "invitation sent","reminder sent" & "completed" are filled out with todays date 00:00 (e.g. 14.02.2024 00:00), although I did not check those boxes or change anything in those fields.

This bugs keeps happening on an irregular basis, approximately every 3rd-4th time I edit some participants with batch edit which makes it a bit hard to track and describe.

When the "completed?" field of a token (with usesleft 1) is filled out with a date, the token becomes invalid, because LimeSurvey thinks it was already used (although "usesleft" is still 1).
This has already given us a few nasty surprises, as numerous tokens became invalid in the middle of the field phase.

In the attached .lsa archive I tried to reproduce the bug. Through the first 3 batch edits the bug did not occur. In round no. 4 the bug occured (tokens 1-7). When you click onto "edit this participant" you can see, that the date is filled out with "14.02.2024 00:00" and usesleft ist still 1.

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

1) use attached .lsa archive or any other participants table
2) use batch edit function in survey participants table and edit any attribute.
DO NOT check or fill out the fields "invitation sent","reminder sent" & "completed"
3) Repeat this for various times (because bug only occurs from time to time)

Expected result

Expected: only the attribute fields you edited purposely change, everything else stays the same

Actual result

actual result: "invitation sent","reminder sent" & "completed" are filled out with todays date 00:00 (e.g. 14.02.2024 00:00)

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 6.2.4+240212
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BrowserFirefox 122.0.1 (64-Bit
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PHP Version8.1.23

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