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19408Bug reportsSurvey editingpublic2024-02-27 14:58
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Product Version6.4.x 
Summary19408: Users can activate a survey without grouops and questions

At latest 6.x you can activate a survey which has no groups and questions. When starting the survey there is a note about this. But the core problem is that the button to deactivate the survey is then missing. You can only delete it.

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

Create a new, empty survey and activate it.

Expected result

Activation should not be possible if there are no groups/questions.
One should also be able to de-activate.

Actual result

The survey can be activated.
Deactivation button is missing.

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Bug heat2
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)6.4.5
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database type & versionMariaDB 10.1.48
Server OS (if known)
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PHP Version8.1

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2024-02-27 14:58

updater   ~79662

@galads, can we assign this one?
New users may stumble upon this and there is no way to get back to a deactivated survey, you will lose all your survey details.

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