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19403Bug reportsOtherpublic2024-02-08 18:05
ReporterDenisChenu Assigned To 
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Product Version6.4.x 
Summary19403: Maintenantce mod : no translation

There are no translation for maintenance mode.
A website only in French (or German) shown english string with lang="fr" html

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

Remove all language except one
Activate maintenance mode
#1 Search « Website Under Maintenance » and other string on
#2 : create the DB translation for « Website Under Maintenance »

Expected result

#1 Have avail translation on
#2 maintenance mode use DB translation

Actual result

#1 : no trabnslation available
#2 : no DB usage

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Bug heat2
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)6.4.5
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Browsernot relevant
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Server OS (if known)not relevant
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PHP Versionnot relevant

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2024-02-08 18:05

developer   ~79436

text come only from survey theme …
If we improve maintenance system (for example with date start/date end) : theme still outdated …

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