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19285Bug reportsDocumentationpublic2023-11-28 08:36
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Product Version6.3.x 
Summary19285: Add again "Allow usage of session and Csrf Validation in iFrame"

Previously : we have «Allow usage of session and Csrf Validation in iFrame» tested and working solution (tested on firefox+ chrome + edge)
It wrok : why deleted ?

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce


Expected result

It don't work according to coment

Actual result

It work

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)6 and previous
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Browserfirefox or chrome
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2023-11-28 08:12

developer   ~78754

Tested on

(please confirm : i like to disable iframe on this demo)



2023-11-28 08:36

developer   ~78755

tested on

There are settings where user can not access

  • Chrome : incognito mode OR disable third party cookies

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