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18865Bug reportsTheme editorpublic2023-06-12 09:36
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Product Version5.6.x 
Summary18865: Theme config : unable to use <remove> to remove css file

"Break Tables" Theme option does not work

When you want to force an array to be shown as a table on all devices (in other words, don't break tables for mobile), the setting "Break Tables" within Theme options should be set to OFF. However, the tables still break on mobiles and/or small screens. I'm using 'Fruity' theme.

It is especially problematic because I'm using equations to define column names. For some reason the equations show when the tables break, but not when shown in a table. So I want to force all devices to show the table.

In the attached LLS, the array is Q4.

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

Create array. Turn "Break Tables" to OFF within theme options. Use fruity theme.

Expected result

Expect to see array (table) on all devices.

Actual result

Actually the array still breaks into multiple questions on mobile devices.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 5.6.25+230605
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related to 18833 closedDenisChenu mobile phone issue with formulas on columns headings with array numbers on checkbox layout 

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2023-06-07 16:15


unnamed.jpg (124,360 bytes)


2023-06-07 19:59

updater   ~75470

I can reproduce the problem. The theme option at the fruity theme does not seem to have any effetc on the array questions.

@DenisChenu, I am assigning this one to you since you probably know this part best.
Do you use a similar feature at your famous skelvanilla theme so we could test that as an alternative? This user needs to launch the survey soon and for him it is a must-have feature.



2023-06-08 08:28

developer   ~75471

Unsure of usage of same system, but i take a look this morning :)

Maybe fix the {} at the same time

@maxersloan : did you report the { } issue too ? If you find the issue number



2023-06-08 11:31

updater   ~75472

Thanks for looking into this, @DenisChenu!

The issue with a missing replacement for EM placehoders/syntax on smaller devices seems like a different issue but I have seen that being reported by others.



2023-06-08 11:51

developer   ~75473

Yes : i tale it too :



2023-06-08 17:00

developer   ~75482

Please :

  1. A survey with only a table question
  2. Set break table at survey level, not at global level


2023-06-08 17:07

developer   ~75483

Last edited: 2023-06-08 17:16

It's not a Theme issue …
<remove>cssfile</remove> didn't work.



2023-06-08 17:20

developer   ~75484

In any condition

css/noTablesOnMobile.css is still present.

A quick fix can be add this css file empty in fruity. But i think remove must be OK in 5.X too.



2023-06-08 22:09

updater   ~75499

@DenisChenu, so if we create a fruity child theme and replace the css/noTablesOnMobile.css file with an emptsy one, this should be a work around to fix this?



2023-06-09 09:33

developer   ~75507


Currently : it's a more complex fix. And i really don't understand all of this Spaghetti code for Template option …
Don't want to try to understand during one week or more …



2023-06-09 09:35

developer   ~75508

PS : i need to review totally skelvanilla system … i surely need to remove manually some css



2023-06-09 16:18

updater   ~75526

@DenisChenu, I tried the approach of adding an empty noTablesOnMobile.css file. But to me it looks like the code for turning the tables into single choice question on mobile devices resides at the template-core.css file, see screenshot?!

image.png (136,924 bytes)


2023-06-09 16:31

developer   ~75528

Arg, it's worst than i think then …
Sorry …

2 fix to do

  1. Remove must work
  2. Move all of this logic in noTablesOnMobile
  3. Add test because if it broke again, no need to add functionality …


2023-06-09 16:32

updater   ~75529

Yep, definitely makes sense to split this up.



2023-06-09 16:34

updater   ~75530

How could we work around that? Have CSS at the custom.css which overwrites the code from template-core?
Sounds pretty complex to me :-(



2023-06-09 16:49

developer   ~75531

Copy and update template-core.css in user theme seems quickest , no ?



2023-06-12 09:36

updater   ~75537

Well, there are many CSS blocks in there and it will be tricky to pick the correct ones for the array split up feature.

Or maybe someone already worked on something like this? Do you remember if there are similar forum topics?

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