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18862Bug reportsExpression Managerpublic2023-08-18 17:42
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Product Version6.1.x 
Summary18862: Expression manager doesn't resolve jsName

In the file em_manager_helper there is a logic error that never resolves jsName or JsName_on. This is in the function _GetVarAttribute.

In the case JsName the logic is below:

return (isset($var['jsName_on']) ? $var['jsName_on'] : isset($var['jsName'])) ? $var['jsName'] : $default;

It has nested inline if statements. The first in line is passed to the next. The output of the first if is not a boolean "$var['jsName_on']", but the second is "isset($var['jsName'])". The whole statement is basically jacked up as it's a string as input into another if statement.

This isn't the only problem as the below code in the function setVariableAndTokenMappingsForExpressionManager always clears out js name on. So "isset($var['jsName_on'])" is always true and set to an empty string.

        // Hidden question are never on same page (except for equation)
        if ($hidden && $type != Question::QT_ASTERISK_EQUATION) {
            $jsVarName_on = '';

I think the logic should be rewritten as follows :

return $var['jsName'];
else if(isset($var['jsName_on']))
return $var['jsName_on'];
return $default;

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Steps to reproduce

Add a question and an expression to use the Question.jsName.

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2023-06-06 17:56

developer   ~75451

The function clear jsVarName_on for hidden question.

Hidden question are not in page, there don't have a jsVarName

Add a question and an expression to use the Question.jsName.

Please : a sample survey



2023-08-17 15:48

administrator   ~76632

@Coreyfournier could you please provide a sample survey where this is happening?

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