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18699Bug reportsOtherpublic2023-03-24 09:04
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Product Version5.6.x 
Summary18699: LSActiveRecord::getMaxId() doesn't get refreshed when using from SurveyDynamic with multiple surveys on the same HTTP request

Caught while reviewing 18655

GJ: The diema is this is only happening on these tests as the model is used with different surveyIds within the same HTTP request. This is not happening on real life.

DC: Until we use in in Question::model and Survey::model in same call …
There are an issue in this code … there are an easy way to fix : why you don't want to fix it ?

A workaround was implemented here for being able to use the remote_control->export_responses.

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

Undo this change

Make a script for RC for exporting rsposnes from survey A and then from survey B.

Expected result

Survey B responses will be exported.

Actual result

No survey B responses will be exported.

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Bug heat4
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)5.6.7
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database type & versionMySQL
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PHP Version8.0


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2023-03-23 14:37

manager   ~74246

I would go with:

1- Add a new optional parameter to getMaxId
public function getMaxId($field = null, $forceRefresh = false, $clear=false)

2 - Create LSActiveRecord::refreshMetadata() (overload of CActiveRecord).
Make the refreshMatedata to call getMaxId using the clear parameter.



2023-03-23 14:38

manager   ~74247

DC said...

a lot must be automatic. If not : it's unusuable

For example, you can do

$maxId1 = \Group::model()->getMaxId();
$maxId2 = \QuestionGroup::model()->getMaxId();
$maxId3 = \Token::model(123)->getMaxId();
$maxId4 = \SurveyDynamic::model(123)->getMaxId();
$maxId5 = \SurveyDynamic::model(321)->getMaxId();
$maxId6 = \Response::model(321)->getMaxId();

You must have the real $maxId at each time.

And more

$maxId2 = \QuestionGroup::model()->getMaxId();
$oQuestionGroup = new \QuestionGroup());
$maxId3 = \QuestionGroup::model()->getMaxId();


2023-03-23 14:38

manager   ~74248

DC Said

A question : did we really need this one ? Maybe just delete this statci var

I think it's best to optimize other request (and use static or cache)
etc …



2023-03-23 14:53

developer   ~74250

There are an issue in this code … there are an easy way to fix : why you don't want to fix it ?

Not so easy … ;)



2023-03-23 15:37

manager   ~74251

haha I was trying to port the conversation :)



2023-03-23 15:41

developer   ~74252

Draft broken test :

I like to keep some statci var when multiple load too

For example : wen you ask Options for Survey #1 in Group #1 : you ask option in Survey #1 + option on Group #1 + Global option , the n if you as after option in Survey #2 : i like to keep option on Group #1 + Global option

Same for Template option (where you can have more than on Global option …)

maxIds is a good test for all of this ;)



2023-03-23 21:59

manager   ~74259

Is it ok if I take this?
I will do a test script as well as the fix



2023-03-24 09:04

developer   ~74270

I think i get it

I need to add same for minIds

OK ?

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