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18605Bug reportsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2023-01-27 17:45
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Summary18605: Missing success alerts in participant view

Survey particpants

There are multiple missing alerts, e.g. after edit, after add, etc.

Same issue applies in quota view mass actions.

Same issue for assessments.

Same issue for "Global survey settings"

Same issue in survey theme editor after clicking save, or "copy to local"

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2023-01-27 17:45

manager   ~73594



Survey Participants


JS createFlash


flash php


flash php

Mass Delete



Mass Activate, Mass Deactivate and Mass Delete

Use "keepopen" = "yes" as it keeps the modal open and displays the html of the ajax response.
It is the method used for the Mass Change Text.




Add and Edit

flash php
Transaction to avoid inconsistencies

Global survey settings


flash php

Theme editor

Save changes and Copy to local

php flash.
It is the same message because the only thing that changes is the text of the button, there is no copy action or anything.

Pendings / Other Enhancements identified

Survey Participants

Mass Delete

The display could probably be improved, showing the individual status of each token in the table.
It would probably be necessary to revise the removal process, since we cant get each token individual status through deleteAllByAttributes().


It is not clear where or how it is used. It has other problems beyond the alert.


Mass Activate, Mass Deactivate and Mass Delete

To continue improving it would be necessary to make a refactor of Quotas::massiveAction(), which currently executes all the actions.

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