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Summary18506: Save pop-up bar obscures tool bars

Messages like "Question saved" and "Survey settings were successfully saved" appear in a pop-up bar at the top of the admin interface in response to button clicks, to show success status. They cover links at the top of the page and don't always disappear on their own. This is such a small issue but it's bothered me for years. Is there a setting I'm not seeing that will change the format of these notices so they're not pop-ups? Or to only have them appear when something goes wrong, or disappear quickly? If I click 'save' I will assume that what I asked to be saved will be saved unless I am told otherwise... but of course I don't want to hide them with CSS because I'd miss important error messages

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-Create a designated space, where it does not overlap with functions

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2022-11-23 13:03

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This seems to be an annoying issue for a couple of users in the forum, including me. I don't find the notification useful, as it is. I'd rather have the button in a different state or something, like we are used from other cloud applications. The layer is covering important navigation items and adds a click to the work, without really providing added value.

Either we should have a designated space for this (but don't make the GUI move up and down) or a button, or symbol that changes state.

The way it currently is, it does more "harm" than good. So while we revamp the GUI, we should have a look into this.

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