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Summary18440: Semantic differential array subquestions gets shuffled only once per participant


I have a semantic differential array type question with 33 subquestions. I have a survey structure as follows:

Question Group1 (rand)
a related question to group 1
array question with randomized display of subquestions

Question Group 2 (rand)
a related question to group 2
array question with randomized display of subquestions

Question Group 3 (rand)
Question Group 6 (rand)

When I run the survey in preview mode it works as I want it: The question groups are viewed in randomized order and array subquestions are also in randomized order in each question group. When I activate the survey the array question with randomized display of subquestions gets only shuffled once and the same shuffled order repeats through all question groups. How can I solve this problem?

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I have a mock survey uploaded

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