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18437Bug reportsTranslationpublic2024-04-29 10:14
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Product Version5.4.x 
Summary18437: Untranslatable texts on Fruity settings

Fruity theme contains many possible settings for fonts, colors etc.

1) Tab headers are not translated, i.e. there is always "Colors", "Images" etc.

2) "On" and "Off" are not translated after "Inherit", so for example in Finnish I see "Kyselyn leveys rajattu' with options 'Kyllä', 'Ei' and 'Peri [On]' instead of 'Peri [Kyllä]'.

3) "Inherit" is not translated at the tab Colors.

4) I think also in the Animations-tab "bounce", "flash" etc. could be translated to "pompi", "välähdä" etc, they are not special names.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Versio 5.4.7+221019
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related to 18414 closedgabrieljenik "Add line" button label can not be translated 

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2022-10-31 14:09

manager   ~72483
Also, maybe we can parse question themes XML for translating question attributes as well.

Same for survey themes



2024-02-12 16:35

reporter   ~79466

For example themes/survey/fruity/options/options.twig contains gT("Background image"), so is it just that application/core/LsDefaultDataSets.php has no corresponding line in mockTranslateArrayContainer()?



2024-04-29 10:14

reporter   ~80032

On 6.5.3+240415 still some, like "Simple options" and "Colors".

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